Sharing Economy Review launched

Today I am launching a review of the sharing economy for the UK Government. The Business Minister, Matthew Hancock, has asked me to investigate what the sharing economy could mean for the UK. I’ll be looking at its potential to change the way we use services, and what the Government, businesses and society can do to unlock that potential. You can find more details of the review and about me on the About page. You can also find the official announcement and terms of reference on GOV.UK.

I will use this website to document my findings as I proceed. I’d like to collect as much evidence as possible - so please take a few to fill in my short survey. I’m particularly keen to hear from:

  • ordinary people that are already taking part in the sharing economy, or that have considered using collaborative services
  • businesses, whether they are part of the sharing economy themselves, or are competing with these services

As well as completing the survey, I’d like to hear directly from you on what the sharing economy means to you, and how you are using it (or not). Please share any videos or blog posts with me, by emailing or posting in the comments below this post.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Economy Review launched

  1. mike roberts says:

    When I get time I’ll fill out the questionnaire, but just had an initial thought - why is this characterised as a “sharing ECONOMY’ rather than a ‘sharing culture’? Are the government worried
    that they might lose out on taxation revenue, as when they tried to tax bartering?


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